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Angi McMurtrey-Marek/ angimarek.com


Current Position:

May 1, 2013 to present

Self Employed, Blog development and maintenance, AngiMarek's BLOG

SEO or cyber marketing of above website along with acquiring affiliate marketing, Coding same, and optimizing all of the above.




CONTACT INFORMATION: by phone 216-798-2917



Lakewood High School graduate 1981

Vocational Guidance Services January - February 1999
Microsoft Office

Reserve Network March 1999 - January 2000
Power Point 97-Advanced
Excel 97- Advanced
Access 97- Advanced
Word 97 - Advanced
HTML beginning - advanced completed October 1999
Adobe Photo Shop 5.5 completed Jan 2000
Computer Quest Limited
Web Page Design completed August 15, 1999

I have been able to cybermarket my own personal web site to so many positions that they cannot all be listed here, this site is also listed so many times they cannot all be listed.

I was able to increase the ranking of several sites designed by Double Infinity while under their contract using doorway pages.


I was doing contract work for Double Infinity, 14414 Detroit #102 Lakewood, OH 44107,




Previous Employment:

January 1990-November 1994

Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant 1990- 1992

Mary Kay Independent Sales Director 1992-1993

Mary Kay Independent Senior Sales Director 1993 - 11-4-1994



As a beauty consultant I was expected to hold skin care classes and sell products from my own personal inventory, I also maintained that inventory's count etc., it was approximately $5,000 my cost, as a sales director I directed the sales of 30+ consultants in the same, as a senior director I did the above while also assisting an offspring director.


Specific Achievements:


1992 won use of company Grand Am

1992 ACHIEVED Independent Sales Director

1993 ACHIEVED Independent Senior Sales Director

I left this position because of Cancer the effects of chemobrain, and post-chemo therapy cognitive impairment made it impossible for me to continue in this field.



Lakewood Tool and Supply Company Incorporated
1388 Riverside Drive, Lakewood, OH 44107 216-221-4820
President: Richard B. Gadd Former President
Current president: Tom Fisher

currently Lakewood Automation, 27911 Clemens Road, Westlake, Ohio 44145 Phone:(440) 808-4820



When I began working there I was hired as the secretary in a one girl office. After learning and understand the product lines I was promoted to inside sales and then Office Manager, including the responsibility of technical phone support for their product lines.

While a secretary there I was also responsible for the collections, I learned many things doing this and I and the president Richard B Gadd felt that my efforts were successful

  • Specific Achievements:
Assisted in the switch from manual to computerized systems in 1985 and
learned them so that there would be someone in the companies employ
who understood them completely.
Interviewed staff for the office.




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